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Welcome! ~ Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Jani Taylor. I was born in Southern Arizona and raised in Central Utah, in the small town of Tooele.

I joined the United States Navy in 2010.

Stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, aboard Ballistic Missille Destroyer: USS "Grace" HOPPER (DDG-70). I went in Undesignated and worked with the Boatswain's Mates.

I got to travel the world. My favorite port (besides Hawaii) was: Yokohama, Japan.

After my service in the Navy, I decided to Serve a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I served in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mission from 2014-2016.

My favorite areas were: Stillwater and Ardmore.

My love of art grew very early when I picked up a crayon and scribbled Tigers eating ice cream.

Snow College gave me experience to grow as an Artist and push myself out of my comfort zone. Figure Drawing, Anatomy for Artists, Sculpture, Oil Painting, Animation; these classes are essential for learning the proportions and value of the human figure. I have much to learn. However, I hope to contribute to the art community.

During this 2020 pandemic, I was offered a 3-month Marketing Internship with Instruction Studio, a company focused primarily on helping other companies with training, avoiding burnout.

As part of my Internship, I helped design the Brand Guide for CEO of Instruction Studio, Kyle Cooper, for other potential hirees.

I eagerly look forward to meeting new people and exchanging ideas, collaborating on projects, and growing as a team.